The episode begins with the team in Cyprus, on a mission to capture a CIA operative who turned double agent. When they arrive back on base, Alpha Team is informed by a very grim Colonel Ryan that the entire Unit is on stand down pending an Article 32 investigation.

Alpha Team is confined to base, and ordered not to contact each other. Jonas goes to talk to Ryan, who reveals that he was blindsided by the Article 32 orders, and that no one in Washington is taking any of his calls.  At around the same time, Molly and Kim are approached separately by CIA agents -- one threatens Molly, and the other offers Kim a deal.  When Bob returns and finds Agent Vorhees in his living room, he is livid and orders the agent to leave the base.

Shortly afterward, Alpha Team break out their 'go-bags' -- emergency kits containing multiple passports in various names, currencies from several countries, and instructions to their families -- and head for the old warehouse for a meeting with Ron Cheals.

Gray is sidetracked, and can't make the meeting. Hector promises to fill him in afterward. At the meeting, Ron reveals the existence of a covert network of disavowed operatives that was put in place to allow Unit members to 'drop off the radar' in situations such as this, and offers their protection, and to pay the legal fees of anyone who doesn't wish to hide.  Ron also tells the team the location of a safe that contains written mission orders that could help them make a case.

Hector, Bob and Jonas plan to retrieve them that night; while Hector plays drunk to distract the guards, Bob picks the lock and sneaks into TOC (TacOps Command). Jonas and Bob discover that the place has been stripped of equipment.  When they locate the safe in Colonel Ryan's office, Bob cracks it handily, only for the two to discover that the safe has already been emptied: the Colonel had emptied the safe as a precaution, mailing the contents out individually to post office boxes all over the world.

Shortly afterward, Hector and Mack turn themselves in, and are imprisoned at Fort Leavenworth. Gray has gone AWOL, and Bob goes free because of CIA connections that he has withheld from the rest of Alpha Team.

When Molly returns home, Jonas appears to have been abducted.  While the police draw the same conclusion, Ron Cheals privately reassures Molly that Jonas is perfectly safe; Jonas knew that the army would cancel his military pension and benefits if he went AWOL, so he staged his own abduction to ensure that he was instead declared 'missing' and provide Molly with financial security while he's away.

The episode ends with Jonas traveling to Panama City and going undercover as a trader.

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