This is a general policy page that can help new and old users alike.


  • Never sign article pages.
  • Always sign talk pages.


  • Do not vandalize or you will be banned for a undetermined amount of time that is up to the sysops discretion.
  • If you see a person vandalizing, leave a talk on a sysops page.
  • Begin to revert the most popular pages first, by going into the history section of an article or the recent changes page.

Good FaithEdit

  • Please be respectful.

Spread the WordEdit

  • In order to grow we need you to spread the word about us!

Episode pagesEdit

  • Each episode page should follow a rough guideline of First Responders, use the following code to put the episode boxes down.
{{Infobox Episode
| Image=
| name=
| season_num=
| ep_num=
| air_date=
| flashback=
| flashforward=
| days=
| writer=
| director=
| specialguests=
| guests=
| costars=
| uncredited=
| transcript=
| transcript2=


  • These users are trusted users that perform tasks that when left in unresponsible hands could turn this wiki into chaos. If you are a regular user, you can not do certain tasks, such as banning users, or deleting pages, but sysops can.
  • A new sysops may be added if nessecary and probably will when the user population increases and daily traffic increases.
  • If you are interested in becoming a sysop make sure that you make good contributions, invite users to this wiki, and demonstrate upstanding user skills. You may find your talk page to find a sysop invitation where you would either accept or decline. You would also go through a training program.

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