Plot Edit

A nuclear scientist insists on making a deal with the team before revealing information about an imminent terrorist attack on a major U.S. city; Kim, Molly and Tiffy are asked to work undercover with Jonas. Later They Rescue Josephina From The Well

Cast Edit

Stars Edit

Dennis Haysbert - Jonas Blane

Regina Taylor - Molly Blane

Scott Foley - Bob Brown

Max Martini - Mack Gerhardt

Robert Patrick - Colonel Tom Ryan

Audrey Marie - Anderson Kim Brown

Abby Brammell - Tiffy Gerhardt

Michael Irby - Charles Grey

Recurring Roles Edit

Nicole Steinwedell - Bridget Sullivan

Guest Stars Edit

JB Blanc - Dr. Leon Rocha

Hank Stratton - Isaac Reed

Ann Cusack - Susan Gillum

John de Lancie - Elliot Gillum

Laura Cerón - Ana Rocha

Sabrina Perez - Josephina Rocha

Kevin Hernandez - Mateo Rocha

Gallery Edit

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